Old friends, New friendships

This past week I have been reminded that sometimes there are more important things in life than just simply getting through another day, or finding the perfect new jeans (although I did accomplish that today!). I was reminded that true friendships mean more to me than school work, shopping for those jeans, or even finding that perfect venue to have my wedding at. 

I have the blessing of waking up every morning (that I don’t have class or clinical) and being greeted with big smiles from my beautiful roommates who I have known for over 20 years and our friendships are still going strong.


I have Natalie and Kelli who have been monumental influences in my life since being here at college and I truly believe that the three of us will always be able to stay in touch, even after we graduate and move to all the different corners of the world.


I have Amy and Jen in my nursing group. Without these two I think I might have gone insane by now. They keep me lighthearted and goofy while also helping me study my rear end off for all of our crazy tests and quizzes. 


Another blessing in my life are the wonderful women that were on my staff last year when I was an RA. They are all beautiful women of God and they are all doing amazing things in our community here at APU.


The reason for this post is the dinner I had this evening with Ariana, Taylor, and Laurie. I sat there realizing that it is possible to stay connected to the friends that we make throughout our lives. Some friendships are old, but they can feel renewed and rejuvenated. I feel this way with Ariana. No matter how long we didn’t talk, or stay in touch, we always find a way to stay connected and be there for each other in times of need. I am so thankful for this old friend and the new friendship that we share. 





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