Seahorses and Halloween

This weekend I was guilt tripped into going home by a seven year old. His name is Noah and he is one of my greatest joys. Noah had an animal project due this last week, and he presented his report to his class on Friday. He called me on Tuesday to inform me of his presentation and to let me know that I do not have class on Fridays so I should be able to make it.

He did his report on the seahorse. He did such a great job presenting his project and in his creativity of designing his shoebox. He went up in front of all of his classmates and taught us all about the seahorse and then the class was asked what they remembered about his presentation.


After listening to his presentation I learned one amazing fact about the seahorse. I learned that the seahorse does not have teeth or a stomach. When I asked him how they digest their food he simply told me that it didn’t matter and that God makes all animals and people special so they must not need their stomachs.

It is the little things like that that remind me how God speaks through children. When Jesus said that we should have the faith of a child, that is what He was talking about. And I feel so blessed to be able to hear my little man’s faith each time we talk about Jesus and God.

The other event that has occurred in the last day was a Halloween party that I went to with that man I have that crush on. One of the little things that I love about coming home are the things that Brent and I get to do together. I had so much fun last night getting ready with Nicole and then going to the party with her and Brent. He went as my football player and I went as my cheerleader. We left a little early, but we still had a great time nonetheless. I enjoyed meeting some of Brent’s friends that I hadn’t met before.

Image  Image

The first day of my weekend went really well, but after the poor quality of last night’s photos I have decided that I need to invest in a camera. So I will now begin my search for a camera to use for my future posts.


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