LAX to Chicago to Wheatfield to Brownsburg to Indianapolis to Chicago to LAX

As the title of this posts implies, I traveled a lot this weekend. Well, not just me, Brent and I traveled back to Indiana for the wedding of one of his college buddies. It was a whirlwind weekend and I am currently still trying to awkwardly adjust back to this time zone, since I had just about adjusted to the one in Indianapolis and am now back in my apartment at APU.


It all started in LA. We boarded the plane to Chicago and began our journey too the midwest. We ate absolutely horrible 10 dollar sandwiches in LAX and then washed them down with our starbucks (well, Brent washed it down, I smushed it down with some lemon bread). On the plane we were sitting next to a strange man in baggy clothes and a sideways hat, but he kept to himself and I still had the window seat, so that worked out just fine. The man behind us was a little bit scarier though. He had this big black jacket on and wore this thin spandex turtle neck up to his eyeballs with his hood on. I would call him a hoodlum, but he slept and snored the entire 4 hours and 20 minutes of our flight.

Anyways, we got into Chicago that night and stepped outside in my think jean shirt and Brent in his short sleeve shirt. We stood out a bit in the wind and fridgid temperatures, but soon the white minivan containing the Mulders rolled up to the curbside and we hopped in quickly to escape the cold. We went out to dinner at a pizza place (some irony here since we were in Chicago and we didn’t order Chicago Style Pizza). After dinner we drove to Wheatfield Indiana to stay at Brent’s parents’ house for the night.

The next day we traveled through Indiana down to Brownsburg, IN where Brent’s best friend Scott and his family live. We drove by some of the places we visited last Christmas. We saw the sandhill cranes, some countryside, and then we made our way down to Purdue University. This is a picture of the apartment building that Brent and all of his friends lived in when they attended Purdue. Brent Imageand Scott lived in the top apartment, Nick and Adam in the second story, and Greg (the groom) and Andy Stratton lived on the bottom story. It was really cool getting to see where Brent went to school. I have never been to such a beautiful campus in my life. All of the brick and limestone was amazing. There was so much history and importance there. I felt collegiate just driving around (although, the white minivan probably didn’t help the outsider’s perspective).

After we were done with Purdue we made our way to Brownsburg where Scott and Morgan live with their adorable little baby boy, Kohen. We showed up while Scott was still at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding so Brent and I just hung out with Morgan and Kohen. I got to hold Kohen while he slept. He was such a cute little man. Since Scott is Brent’s best friend I thought it would only be appropriate to get them gifts for the baby. I had so much fun shopping for baby clothes and other fun things to bring to them on our trip. I may have gone a tiny bit overboard considering we used almost an entire small suitcase to bring their gifts with us. Brent only made fun of me a little bit when he saw how stinking adorable it all ended up being in it’s basket. The picture below is little Kohen. He fell in love with Brent. The first night when Scott came home heImage had this huge smile for Scott. Then, the next morning when I was cuddling with him, he wouldn’t stop staring at Brent. He even gave Brent a big smile! He was a really good baby. He only cried during diaper changes and when he was hungry. And when he cried, it was almost cute because he had this little snort that could make a grown man giggle. He went with us to the wedding along with Morgan’s parents so that they could watch him while we were all at the wedding.

The wedding was so much fun. I loved meeting all of Brent’s friends from college. After hearing a bunch of stories about them, it was great to bring them to life and meet all of their wives and just be able to hang out. Brent is the last of his friends to get married so all of them were paired off at the wedding and the six of them were able to talk like no time had passed. Since I am planning a wedding of my own I thought it was appropriate to talk a little about my favorite parts of this wedding. The wedding was at the Columbia Club in downtown Indianapolis. It was a gorgeous ceremony in front of a large window overlooking the circle. Then the cocktail hour was on the third floor where we enjoyed numerous little stuffed


mushrooms, shrimps, and some little cheese snacks along with a lovely glass of wine. From the cocktail hour, we moved up to the tenth floor where the large hall was decorated gorgeously with red roses and candles and silver tumblers on each table. There was excellent service by every staff member and everyone seemed friendly and excited to be there. Our table was the five friends of Greg’s from college and their respective wives/fiance(me). it was a blast eating dinner and talking with all of them and seeing Brent in his element with all of his college buddies talking about what they are doing now that it’s been five years since graduation. A couple of them have kids so it was fun talking about that. It was cool seeing where they all went with their agriculture degrees and the broad spectrum it has for opportunity. We all ate Corn Chowder which I have never had before (apparently it’s an Indiana thing). It was good and the rest of dinner was good as well, I was super stuffed though and didn’t feel like eating much when the food came. There was a candy bar and a photobooth for the guests and I somehow convinced Brent to go in the photobooth with me. There was no bench to sit on and Brent was way too tall to be seen by the camera (hence the top photo). It was a great night and we had a lot of fun dancing and hanging out with everyone there.

The next day we had our travel day. We drove two and a half hours back to Brent’s parents’ house. Then we drove an hour and a half to the Chicago airport. On our way the winds were so forceful we saw the power go out in multiple places due to a spark that Brent saw in a neighborhood from a fuse box thing on a telephone pole. Once we got to the airport we attempted to not blow away as we hugged his mom goodbye. Then we went through security and ate lunch while we waited to board our plane. We then sat for 4 hours and 20 minutes on our plane ride back to LAX. After attempting to sleep unsuccessfully we made it back to LA. We paid an outrageous amount of money for parking and drove through traffic back to APU. We got Panda Express for dinner


and unpacked my stuff out of his bag so that he could begin his 3.5 hour drive home to Yettem. I went to bed while he drove and woke up at 6 AM freaking out because I didn’t know if he had made it home safely. Thank goodness he had called, left a voicemail, and texted me when he made it home the night before. My body was still on eastern time and I was wide awake, but he told me that the best thing to do was just try and go back to sleep so that I wasn’t dead at work tonight when it was almost midnight eastern time. Let me just say, jet lag is annoying. I mean this was only a three hour difference, but I had just gotten used to it and now I’m all thrown off again. Oh well, over all that was my whirlwind weekend in Indiana. I feel so blessed to have been able to have met Brent’s friends and to be able to look forward to Christmas when we go back. We have now planned Christmas with both sides of his family, a wedding shower, and we are going to hang out with his college friends again. He is going to go racing with his buddies and I am going to have a girls day with all the girls and the kiddos. It is going to be a blast and I cannot wait to visit again.


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