Being Thankful

This season has brought so many things to be thankful for that I cannot even begin to describe the joy and sadness I feel all at the same time. It is mostly pure joy, but I still have the moments of sadness thrown in there as well. 

I am now back at school after my week long vacation at home. I feel so accomplished and satisfied with my vacation that I am ready to conquer these last three weeks of the semester like nobody’s ever seen. 

Over the week I was able to (with some help of course) nail down our wedding venue, start and finish registering for our wedding, visit family from washington/ modesto and Brent’s family from holland, sing in the praise team the night prior to and the morning of thanksgiving, have thanksgiving with our family, finalize engagement picture outfits, and take our engagement pictures.

The wedding venue is going to be in Bakersfield, CA. We decided on this location because of it’s beauty and the convenience that it will be for Brent and his family. When Brent starts his new job in January, he will be living in Bakersfield. This means that when the wedding comes around, family and friends can stay in Bakersfield before the big day. 

The location is called JEH Ranch. It is a beautiful location with a wooden barn and a river side 


reception area. I went and did a walk through by myself on the tuesday before thanksgiving. Brent and I went to dinner that night and it was decided. He could tell by my expressions that this location was my absolute favorite out of all the places that we had looked at and visited. On Friday I called the ranch and verified that our date was available and I sent out the deposit check on Monday!

The registry took a very long time, but Brent stood by my side through it all (literally, he scanned everything on our registry for me). The wedding website is all updated with our registries at Bed Bath and Beyond, Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. 

The engagement pictures were probably my favorite part of break. We are using 559 photography and could not be happier.


 Sean was awesome to work with and totally made us feel comfortable. It was kind of awkward being 

so close to Brent’s face for really extended periods of time, but I cannot wait to see how they all turned out. He teased us a little bit the day after by putting one of the pictures up on facebook. It has created quite the stir in my family and friends.

I am so thankful for all of the blessings God has placed in my life just over the last week. While it will be hard to leave our home and start somewhere new, Brent and I are excited to start our married life in a new area and have new adventures together. 


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