Holiday Memories

So I decided to go through some of my pictures from Christmas until now. I’m not any sort of photographer (and I generally forget my camera), but when I do take pictures I cherish them. I have been able to see how faithful God has been through these last two major holidays. From celebrating Jesus’ birth to celebrating His resurrection, He has been with me.


For the first picture I brought back an oldie, but a goodie. This picture is from the day that Brent and Nicole moved out of the Yettem house. Brent wanted a picture by the mountains and I was the one with the camera who got the pleasure of capturing the sibling love. Blitz is the name of that steed that so proudly stood by their side.


This picture goes all the way back to Christmas at the Mulder’s. I’m pretty sure that was Bethany’s present, but it didn’t really matter what gifts were given or received, there was always plenty of laughter to go around.


That was what was left of my parents’ living room after Brent and I opened all the gifts that we got from our Indiana shower. We were overwhelmed with just how blessed we are to have so many giving friends and family.


And now the big jump to Easter Sunday with my man. I tend to only bring out the camera around holidays apparently. It was a beautiful day surrounded by family… including the little man below…


Now I have to get back to finishing up my fourth year of college. Just one more year to go until I get to be a nurse!! And only 68 more days until I get to be Mrs. Madison Mulder! I am continuing to seek God’s guidance through my studies and my relationship. He will keep my path straight, and He will help me through everything between now and the end of my days. He is faithful.


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