Joyfully still in Love

Wow. It has been an amazing journey since my last post. Here I am, sitting in my living room, eating ice cream (it is 100 degrees today), and realizing that I have been married for almost one whole month!

The wedding was amazing. Surreal… I can’t even describe how blessed I felt the entire day. I got to sit and pray with Brent that morning at the hotel before I left to go get ready. It was already almost 90 degrees at 8am so it wasn’t too long of a meeting, but just being able to sit together, alone, and take in the beginning of the day that would transform the rest of our lives. 

After this we were not alone together until we got in the car to drive home at the end of the night. It was hot! I didn’t notice though. My beautiful sister-in-laws forced liquids down my throat and made sure that I was constantly hydrated. My sister was always by my side helping me smile and making sure that I was excited and happy. The morning went by so fast, then it got slow….Then after the first look I don’t even know what happened. Our amazing photographer, Sean at 559 photography, was such a trooper helping us remember our day through photo. He has a blog post here with some of his beautiful pictures. There was one time while everyone was dancing when Brent and I slipped away and looked over the whole area. It was beautiful. I cried. I could not believe that all of those people were there for us and celebrating with us and our marriage. 

Our honeymoon was awesome. I cannot wait for the day when we can afford to go back to the Bahamas (could be a while though). We thoroughly enjoyed the rest and relaxation that we were able to get after the intense planning and craziness leading up to the wedding. I loved spending all day everyday with Brent. We were glad to be together before we had to jump back into work (Brent) and class (me). 

Now that we’ve been home I’ve been trying to be the best little housewife I can be. I’ve been cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, and fixing up the house so that it looks like a home. I will soon post some of the projects and meals that I have been able to complete since becoming Mrs. Madison Mulder. 


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