Fall-ing in love

I wanted to include a quick update on some of the things I’ve been up to recently in my newlywed and nursing school activities. I have seen God work through my family and friends over the last four months in too many ways to count. I feel so blessed to be living this life right now and I can only imagine what God will continue to do in the future.

I’ve become artsy since becoming a Mrs. These are a few of my projects from the last few months!

Our guest bathroom medicine cabinet has a surprise chalkboard inside now!


I also used some chalkboard paint for a little board in the kitchen. We now use it to leave notes for each other in the mornings.

I got the joy of going wedding dress shopping with one of my best friends. We used little cards to tell her our opinions of the dresses. And she found the one!! Her fiancé is one blessed guy to get to marry her. She is going to be a beautiful bride!

I used a window pane from our wedding to welcome our house guests. It was fun coming up with a design to use and using the paint pen to make the ideas come to life!

This last week I made our first front door wreath. It was so great to go shopping with my sister for supplies and then putting it all together.

This was the project I finished today. A small banner for our fireplace that says “be thankful”. Such a great daily reminder to always be thankful for all of the blessings that we have.

Those were my craft projects. I should be able to post some of my cooking soon! We have been eating some decent and some excellent meals since we’ve been married. I have enjoyed finding new recipes to try and taste testing them with my hungry husband.


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