Fresh Start

60533f0be108d985df849bc4608fb4c3If you have followed my blog in the past (let’s be real, there’s like two of you), you may notice that I have changed things up a bit. I am starting a new chapter in my post-college life. I am taking more time for myself and learning all of the different ways in which God has blessed me. I have been able to learn new skills like cooking, drawing, painting, and other things I never thought I’d be doing.
You might notice the different links on this blog.

  • The Crafts page is going to be the home for my different projects. I have my monthly chalkboard drawings, my wood signs, and other decorations that I am going to post as they are created.
  • The Food page is going to be the home for different recipes that I come across, make, and get reviews from my husband on (those should be interesting).
  • The Living page is where my blog posts will appear. Apparently you can only post onto one page… I’m learning all kinds of new things about blog life.
  • Finally, the Wedding page is where I will post weddings I love, weddings I might be involved with, weddings that I make decorations for, and who knows what else.

I am considering starting an etsy shop for my wedding decorations so look for that coming soon as well! I hope that this blog is enjoyable to anyone who happens upon it.



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