Yesterday I went to Costco with my husband after church. What was I thinking?! As we pulled into the parking lot I immediately regretted this decision. It was almost as if we had jumped in time and it was the day before thanksgiving and all of the last minute shoppers had taken over the store. We were out of our league by miles.

We maneuvered our way through the masses and somehow got the few things on our list. We get to the line and our eyes are overwhelmed by the number of people in line. Every register is open and the lines go back into the aisles of merchandise. So we get in a line and settle in for the long haul. I’m busy looking at the mens socks (I know sounds like an enticing experience) and while I’m turned around my husband disappears and comes back up to the cart carrying a beautiful bouquet of fall themed flowers. This is when the whole crazy store just disappeared and it was as simple as a shopping trip with my loving husband.


It’s the simple things that mean so much in life. As simple as getting some flowers and a kiss after a very exhausting grocery store run. As simple as seeing your family and friends at church on Sunday and getting to enjoy their company even if it is only for a few minutes.

Simplicity is something that is hard to imagine in this age. Even as I type this I have three tabs open on my browser, music playing in the kitchen, lunch warming up on the stove, and my phone is beeping due to its low battery. Life can get over crowded. It can seem like there is always something to finish, something to start, something to clean, and someone to contact.

I need my faith in God. I need prayer. I need love. I need family. I need relationships.

Those are the things that I am trying to focus on this week. I recently read a quote by Tammy Maltby. She challenged her readers to “start simply, but simply start.” We need to begin caring for ourselves and others in a simple life-giving way, but instead of just talking about it we need to start doing it!


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