Creative. Never a word I would use to describe myself. I would consider myself a very technical person. I was the math geek, then the science geek, but never the artist. I had friends who were artists. That would never be me.

Until now. Now I am doing things I never saw myself being able to do. I am painting, drawing, and sewing now and I am amazed at the abilities that God has given me.

It all began when creating things for our wedding. I was having a hard time finding decorations that were affordable and that had the aesthetic that I was looking for. So I began by asking my then fiancรฉ, now husband, to create the boxes for our centerpieces. That led to these beautiful piecesโ€ฆ They have since been used at three other weddings!



And then came one of my favorite projects. Our wedding signs. This project seemed impossible. I have decent handwriting, but nothing that I would trust with a paintbrush. I was able to find a way to make signs that all had a similar font and design style. And then I went all out. We had some old tree boxes behind my parents’ shop and some friends that made us some signs from pallet boards. These became my stress relief. I was able to dim the lights and paint. I could relax, talk with family and friends, even my fiancรฉ helped me with a couple of the signs!


I even had the opportunity to share my new found artistic ability for a friend’s wedding!


And then more recently I have been drawing. Well, I’ve been drawing on my very own oversized chalkboard! I was able to create this chalkboard from a very large piece of wood that I inherited from my sister-in-law. I painted it with chalkboard paint and I have been having fun ever since.

10176232_10152821275199044_3532287119315144039_n 10675739_10152733464339044_2863504696095176790_n 10551089_10152623525879044_3968690544596089644_n

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